Thursday, 24 January 2013

Exciting new year started for us

Hey fellow bloggers.!!! I can't believe all the changes there has been for me since the beginning of this year.
It surely started with a great big bang.
Our new Grandson has arrive 3 weeks earlier that he should have BUT we are super excited about that. Nathan Nicholls weighed in on the 14 th January at 2.68 KG. All is well with him and his mommy. Now the big work starts. we are truly blessed.
I resigned from Beautiful Scrapbooks in December and will now do what I love the most.Teach Scrapbooking!!! I still teach there on Wednesday mornings and some Saturdays. Will keep you posted where and when I will be teaching when I get asked.
My new kits are available.Contact me should you have any questions.
I am looking forward to a great new year of teaching scrapbooking and meeting new friends. 

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