Monday, 15 July 2013

Tuesday 16 th July

I have been M.I.A for a while!!! There is lots happening in the scrapping work I do. Yes my job I scrap booking!!! I can assure you it is stressful BUT at the same time so fun, creative and fulfilling!
I am busy preparing for a hand making flower class. That I will post on here in steps so we can work through it together.
I am off to Zebula to scrap with the "Brats" this weekend. We are just going to have a great time scrapping, chatting eating and yes I am sure having the odd glass of wine.
I can't wait!!! Leaving on Friday morning and we will be back on Sunday!!!
We are all doing our own thing so no teaching just sharing ideas.
In the meantime I am preparing 3 different projects for 3 different local shops.
I will post snippets as soon as I am finished.
Have a great day!!!! Keep scrapping!!!!!!

Lovies Ada!!!!

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