Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Egg carton flowers!!!

And here is the long awaited tutorial on the EGG CARTON FLOWERS I have been promising.

This is what the flowers look like.

This is what you will need: 1.  Egg cartons, scissors and a glimmer spray with a solid colour. It has to be dark otherwise it will not cover the grey.
2. Some seed beads (white) for the centre.
Start cutting the egg carton as shown here.

This is what the bottom should look like to get a nice round centre for the flowers.

Cut till you get the round inside of the carton.

Snip the top off and make it round.

Now cut the petals.

Round the edges of the petals.

A picture of what it should look like.

Use the spray and spray both sides of the flower.
A close up of the spray and flower.

Put the wet petals in the tray to dry.

Once the flowers are dry add the beads in the centre using crafters glue.

The finished petal when dry.
I really hope you have enjoyed the tutorial. Please show me what you have created .

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