Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Glue gun technique

Good morning from South Africa.

I am going to share today a fun technique I picked up on Pinterest. I am sure, like me, there are soo many followers of this amazing platform.
I found this fun idea and tried it. I loved it and thought I would share it with you all.

So here goes:

Glue gun technique:

1.     A Glue gun and glue stick (any colour stick you prefer) obviously if you use a clear stick  you can change the colour.
2.  A Craft Matt
3.  Adirondack alcohol ink - colour of your choice.
4. Blending solution for alcohol ink.

To do:

Have the alcohol ink and the Blending solution handy when you colour your glue stick motif.

Lay the Craft Matt in front of you on your workspace.
Switch the glue gun on and wait for it to get hot.
Squeeze the glue out and make motifs. I made circles Squares and Hearts.

My squares
Wait for all the motifs to get cold and don't worry about the little bits of string that is there while you work. We are going to trim it.
Use a sharp pointed scissors and trim the motifs.
Now use the alcohol ink and pour a little on the Craft Matt. Add blending solution if you want it slightly lighter.
Swipe the glue stick motif through the ink.
VOILA!!!!! You are done.
Use it on your scrapbooking  layouts or cards.

I hope you are going to have fun.
It will be cool if you can tell me if you enjoyed the technique.
As always,

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